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It’s the perfect time for doing those ‘tomorrow’ jobs in your home

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We’re entering week three of the national lockdown and time seems to be passing differently at the moment, don’t you think? But time is one thing many of us have plenty of right now.

So, this is the best chance you’ll have to get around to those jobs that have been on your to-do list for a while.

Below are a few tasks around your home that you can do simply and cost-effectively. Plus, when they’re done, they will add value to your home AND give you the satisfaction of knowing you used your ‘spare’ time productively.

  1. Less is more. Decluttering is regularly the number one tip an estate agent can give a homeowner when preparing their house for sale or let. You’ll feel better for doing it too. You’ll just need somewhere to store things until the tip and charity shops open again.
  2. Get to grips with the garden. If you have an outdoor space start simple. Use the spring weather to go out and give it a tidy up, do the weeding, re-potting and mowing.
  3. Painting. While wallpapering might be a little tricky for some of us, giving your rooms a lick of paint is in most people’s DIY capabilities. The impact a freshly painted room has can lift your mood too.
  4. Cleaning. It’s spring, so the perfect time to have a good clean up. Tackle the jobs you might usually swerve. Clean out the fridge, under the beds and sofa, dust the wardrobes and spruce up your lightbulbs and lamps.
  5. Squeaky hinges and windows. It’s incredible what can be done with a can of WD40 or similar lubricant. How long has that door been driving you mad with its squeaking? This is the easiest job on the list but well worth doing.

If all this extra time spent in your home has got you thinking about a potential move, please do get in touch.

While we can’t visit your property in person, we can carry out a virtual valuation and give you advice, ideas and insights, that will help you when things return to normal.

Thanks for reading and remember: stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

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