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High Street Agents Get 5% Higher Price than Online!

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Here at Duncan Yeardley, we’ve been successfully advising clients and selling their houses in Bracknell for decades. So it was no surprise to us when an online property website concluded that their research suggested that using an online agent could cost the average seller as much as 5% in lost sale price. That’s £12,500 on a £250,000 home!

The study, undertaken by The Advisory, an independent advisory blog for house sellers, took two years to complete and analysed over 200 transactions.

The website, run by Gavin Brazg, points out that the vast majority of professional house sellers, such as banks, house builders and developers use traditional High Street Estate Agents to sell their properties. But why would they if an agent charges 2 – 3% commission and an online seller might charge a one-off listing fee of as little as £849?

The simple answer seems to boil down to what Brazg calls the amount of money ‘left on the table’ after the property has been sold and all fees and expenses have been paid. His research shows that even if you employed a traditional High Street agent and paid them a whopping 4.5% commission, you are still likely to be better off because they are likely to be more effective in selling your home and selling it for more money!

At Duncan Yeardley we have over three decades of experience selling and letting homes in the Bracknell area. We rely on more than just online property portals like Rightmove to advertise – and sell- our clients’ properties. We use a vast array of tools available to us including a prominent street presence, a wide database of buyers and sellers and a vast depth of experience in this area.

We offer a high quality selling experience supported by state of the art modern marketing techniques, both on the High Street and online. And remember we only charge you a modest fee as and when when we actually sell your home!

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