How to choose a conveyancer?

To buy or sell property in England you will need legal representation. This can take the form of a qualified solicitor who will be a lawyer qualified to act in a variety of different areas of law and will be a registered member of the Law Society.

Alternatively, a less expensive option might be to employ a Licensed Conveyancer who, whilst not a solicitor, is qualified to act in the conveyance of property on their client’s behalf and specialises in this area of law only. Many solicitors will employ licensed conveyancers in-house to undertake their client’s conveyancing work.

There is a lot of paperwork involved when buying or selling a Bracknell property and, whomever you decide to use, it is in your best interests to be organised. Provide all the information your representative asks for promptly and completely. Delays providing information will delay and potentially confuse the process.

Idealy, use a practice that has at least moved into the 21st Century and has fast communication (such as email). Make sure you agree a fixed fee up front, rather than an hourly rate, which can change your expected bill dramatically! Also, check for extra charges that will be incurred and charged back to you such as search fees, stamp duty, etc. If your solicitor is not on ‘the panel’ of a lender then you may incur an additional lender’s representative fee as well. Ask them before you instruct.

Online conveyancing companies can be efficient but the advantage of using a local Bracknell firm should not be underestimated when buying or selling in the area. A firm with considerable local experience will know the local anomalies and know what to keep an eye out for when necessary, perhaps suggesting additional pre-contract enquiries or searches. Your conveyancer will also know us and probably the other party’s representative, which can help smooth the waters if things get complicated.

If you are unsure who to use in your conveyance we are happy to suggest some suitable firms that we work with on a regular basis.

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