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New Year’s resolutions homeowners are making

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2022 is here.

And with the fresh hope and ambition of a new year (don’t groan just yet) comes the energy to change things for the better.
It’s the perfect window of opportunity and an ideal door leading to changes for many homeowners to improve their humble abodes.

Below are seven resolutions you could consider making to make your home a little bit sweeter, neater, and nicer.

Cut down on energy use
With bills rocketing, many homeowners are determined to be more mindful of the energy their home consumes.

Smarter homes
We’re not just talking about having a tidy-up but embracing technology to make your life easier. Smart apps and products can do a range of wonderful things. Such as turning on your heating exactly when needed, playing music to calm your pets when you’re out, and a 101 other ways to reduce your to-do list.

Declutter the garage/loft/cupboards
Whatever the space that ends up being the dumping ground in your home, the new year is THE perfect time to declutter it. Why delay it until spring? There’s no time like the present!

Safety review
Check your smoke and any carbon monoxide alarms. Not just in January but resolve to do it at least every month.

Money, money, money
Chances are that running your home is one of your biggest costs. Take the time to look at your monthly budget and get your financial house in order by cutting back on unnecessary costs. Do you really need all those subscriptions you never use…?

Move without moving
If moving isn’t an option right now, all your home may need is a bit of a move around. How about putting the sofa or bed somewhere different? Or swapping lamps and pictures in different rooms? If a change is as good as a rest, this will help you relax in your home that little bit more.

If your 2022 ambitions involve moving to a new home, the good news is we can help. And while we can’t help you stick to most of the resolutions above, selling your home successfully is something we are experts in.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and homely 2022.

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