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Selling your house – The benefits of keeping it all under one roof

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When buying or selling your home, it’s likely that you will need to arrange a timeframe that suits several third party vendors, each with their own needs and aspirations in terms of moving dates, mortgage requirements, etc. A good agent does not finish working on your behalf once the sale is agreed. In fact, it could be argued that this is exactly when a good agent is of most use!

When a sale falls through it can cause huge issues with associated vendors dependent upon their own sales further down the chain. As a result, considerable expense for sellers and buyers can quickly be accrued, making gazumping and the breakdown of agreements much more likely. Therefore, at Duncan Yeardley we make sure our clients are represented throughout the sales process, to help protect their best interests.

One of the best ways to ensure you experience the smoothest possible sale is to have one agent acting on your behalf in both the sale and purchase. If you buy from one of our vendors and use us to sell your home, we are able to coordinate both sales seamlessly so that no unexpected issues are forgotten, only to become problems later in the process. We can also offer a property search service for clients with little time to do the leg work. Ask us for more details.

We work with a RICS qualified and highly experienced local surveyor who can undertake surveys on your behalf quickly. If the survey throws up any items that need to be addressed we can advise you on how this might affect your chain and how best to mitigate any problems likely to be forthcoming as a result.

Duncan Yeardley is truly a one-stop shop for all your property needs in and around Bracknell.

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