10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

With Spring now upon us, it’s time to be thinking about the annual Spring clean! Here are a few tips to help you get started.


  • Wait for a dry day and then clear away all the old leaves, sticks and assorted debris that has collected in the garden and around the house over winter. Check the gutter beforehand so as to avoid duplicating effort!
  • After frosts have abated, remove covers to external plants and when appropriate move pots back out of the greenhouse and into the garden. Spring bulbs should be out fairly early.
  • Clean all windows inside and out. The winter weather will have done its work and if your windows are not cleaned regularly, you’ll really notice the difference!
  • Pressure wash terraces and concrete paths to remove mould and staining.
  • Check all woodwork in the garden and fencing, etc. The summer is the time to fix these things – so get a job list started!


  • Pack away your winter clothes and bring out the summer ones! Consider putting winter clothes in the loft or storage room. Perhaps use plastic stackable boxes to keep your clothes safe from dust, moths and rodents!
  • Move furniture, ornaments and heavier fixtures and dust and vacuum behind them. Clear cobwebs and dust down lamp shades, etc. A deeper clean twice a year will keep your decor in reasonable condition and if your children suffer from asthma less dust must be a good thing.
  • Empty out all kitchen cupboards, clean them, (check through use by and sell by dates!) and replenish them. There is something strangely satisfying about having clean cupboards.
  • Check which rooms may need redecorating and add it to your jobs list. Then diarise a weekend or evenings to get it done before summer arrives. After all, who wants to be decorating when there’s a BBQ and cool Pimms to be had.
  • Remove all winter duvets and replace with summer ones – if you have two. Use this opportunity to have the duvets cleaned / dry cleaned as appropriate.

So that’s the home prepared for summer. If you have any other ideas do let us know.

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