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How do we Value Your Property and Set a Price

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Valuation of anything is largely gauged by supply and demand in an open and free market assuming a willing buyer and a willing seller.

At Duncan Yeardley, we deal with dozens of properties in Bracknell every month. That allows us to compile detailed evidence of market transactions of similar property in the area. This evidence is used by us in conjunction with our current knowledge of the market place, who is looking for this type of home and the level of property supply in certain areas.

In addition to having an extensive knowledge of the market, we must also understand what finance is available and to whom, which buyers have homes they need to sell and who has cash available. Finally, understanding the best way to present your property and market it to best effect makes our professional advice worthwhile.

As members of the industry’s professional bodies we always maintain the highest standards by conforming their strict guidelines and codes of conduct. This combined with our extensive experience in Bracknell and the surrounding area, Duncan Yeardley are the best people to guide you through the sale of your home and at the best value.

Contact us for a free property valuation in Bracknell on 01344 860121.

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