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What is a Homebuyer’s Report?

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A Homebuyer’s Report is a valuation undertaken by an approved professional valuation surveyor and member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Qualified members have the designation MRICS or FRICS after their name.

The Homebuyer’s Report will include a report on the general condition of the property, a market valuation, a valuation for insurance purposes (an estimate of the cost to rebuild) and may also include reference to items requiring attention or maintenance.

Nowadays, most lenders have approved ‘panels’ of valuers. It is important to make sure that your surveyor is on the appropriate panel for your lender, otherwise the report will probably not be accepted.

It’s worth trying to instruct an approved panel surveyor in Bracknell who will familiar with the type of property you are buying. By definition, they will be better placed to provide an accurate valuation as they’re valuing that type of property every week. However, whilst you will be required to pay the costs of a Homebuyer’s Report, it is usual for the lender to instruct the valuation surveyor and in large part the report is for their benefit.

The lender is simply interested in making sure that the valuation indicates that the property is worth enough to satisfy their lending criteria (e.g. Loan to Value Ratios, etc). This does not necessarily mean that the property is worth the sum that you have offered and it certainly does not mean that the property is necessarily structurally sound.

If your Bracknell property is older or more unusual you would be well advised to consider a more detailed ‘building survey’ sometimes also referred to as a ‘structural survey.’ Such a survey is more detailed in nature and will cost more as a result. It will look in more detail at the structural condition of the property you are buying but the terms and conditions of such a report are likely to vary from a Homebuyer’s Report.

In most cases, especially when buying a new home, a Homebuyer’s Report is considered sufficient. We can recommend a well established independent Chartered Surveyor, so please contact us on 01344 860 121 for further information.

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