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Tips to help prevent condensation in the home

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Condensation is water droplets created by warm air hitting a cold surface. This causes surface dampness which if left unattended, leads to mould growth.

All of us will be familiar with signs of condensation in the home, typically taking the form of little beads of water appearing on windows or tiled walls. However, many will be unaware that condensation is in fact the most common cause of damp problems in the UK.

The good news is that these problems can generally be prevented from ever occurring. Here are some simple tips that will effectively reduce condensation levels in your home.

  • Put lids on pans and use an extractor fan when cooking or showering
  • Don’t hang wet clothes on radiators or dry clothes indoors at all, if possible
  • Run a reasonable amount of heating in the house
  • Keep vents on UPVC windows open
  • Ensure that furniture is not preventing air flow by being placed against walls or in front of radiators
  • Use a dehumidifier to pull moisture in from the air, thereby reducing vapour and dampness
  • Add plants to lower humidity levels, such as the peace lily, ferns, orchids, palms and spider plants.
  • Dry any wet surfaces regularly and treat signs of mould either with mould and mildew cleaning products or a white vinegar based DIY treatment

The key is really adequate ventilation. It is vital to allow the damp and humid air the opportunity to escape outside instead of settling on surfaces in the home. Usually the simplest source of ventilation is to open a window during any task that releases a lot of moisture into the air.

In the colder months of the year we know it can be particularly unpleasant to have windows open for any length of time so make sure your extractor fan is functioning well in the kitchen and bathroom to remove steam and damp air.

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